Are Altcoin Daily a warm spot during crypto winter? With Bitcoin consolidating around $17,000 at the time of writing everyone is asking where can I stay warm. Additionally there is new fears that Bitcoin could crash another 70% to $5000 at the first of 2023.

Not to mention Jim Crammer from Mad Money telling viewers to sell off their crypto now, no mater the losses. This crypto winter is turning into an ice age extinction. So the question on everyones mind is there a place to come in from the cold and still make some money?

Alctoin Daily ICO and Presale Is the Fire to Keep You Warm

First what is an altcoin?

An altcoin is any coin other than Bitcoin. Given Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrencies all other coins are classified as altcoins. If this seems like a strange way to classify the differences of crypto then your not alone. For example Ethereum is the second largest coin by market cap and is still considered an altcoin.

How is a person to find ways to make make good profits in crypto winter with altcoin daily but all coins are altcoins? Maybe someone is stacking the deck against the rest of us?

Top 5 Altcoin Daily For 2023

This is not investment advice as this is just our personal opinion on the market. Furthermore these 5 altcoins are what we believe to be the most stable coins for 2023. They may not make huge returns but they should not offer huge losses either.

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Chainlink (LINK)

Ok so this great right? But what if you want to have a better chance at some big returns? Is there a secrete sauces to better the chances of returns? Yes of course lets look at an example below.

Altcoins Secrete Sauces Solid Returns ICO Presale

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. – William Shakespeare.

Even if you have only been around crypto for a hot minute you already know its all about timing. To give yourself the best chances of surviving the crypto winter with some cash in your pocket is to out time the masses. How can you get the jump on the rest?

For example if your looking at a new altcoin everyone is talking about your way too late. Furthermore if you would have brought Shibu when it first launched with only a few $100 you would now be a millionaire. Of course this does not mean you should chase ever new coin on the market. You have to follow your gut and do some ground work.

In reality if your looking for the next hot coin on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap your too late. You must find the altcoins before they make it this far to increase your changes of big returns.

Altcoin Daily The Search For High Returns

Searching ICO presale sites is an excellent first step to get out in front of the masses. Coincodex for example has an excellent ICO listing page. Frequently Presale ICO launches offer a deep price discount and bonus coins for early adapters to a project. Even investing just $100 in new ICO can present huge returns in a very short time.

How to find the best ICO from the scams? First do not trust Telegram as it has become a breeding ground for scams. We suggest whats app and email to contact the owners of the projects. For example over 90% of the people that contact us on telegram do not have a professional email address if an email address at all. Furthermore we have never had anyone scams contacts us on WhatsApp.

There is no getting around the risks of crypt is part of the fun! You just have to do your homework and trust your gut.

BLSX Presale ICO

Blue Sky Lithium Coin is the worlds first lithium mining coin backed by Blue Sky Lithium Mining company.

BLSX Presale ICO Offers –

  • Coin Price $0.10
  • Bonus Coins 20%
  • High Yield 25% A year
  • 25% Referral Fees
  • Target Price of $5.00 end of 2023

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BLSX $100K Free Crypto Airdrop Giveaway Starts Now! Here are the prizes to be shared among the participants: $10,000 $USDT share among 25 winners $100,000 $BLSX share among 150 winners