Lean More About BLSX Lithium Announces Major Coin Burn!

The team announces on Friday, (January 20, 2023)

BLSX Lithium Coin is a utility token exclusively for the lithium industry. Additionally BLSX is attracting institutional investments from Asia, Americas and the middle east.

BLSX Coin Burn Revamping Tokenomics Details

For example the BLSX lithium tokenomics revamp involves a series of improvements to its token distribution. Thus these improvements are part of efforts to address issues regarding the current token distribution while increasing value for BLSX holders.

BLSX token revamp planning will begin with burning of 20 million BLSX tokens. Furthermore this burn total can reach up to burning 50 million BLSX coins.

Token burning in crypto is when coins are destroyed by sending them to a burn address. Thus the burn address removing the coins from circulation forever. Highlighting the plan burn for at least 20% of the BLSX token supply destroyed.

The BLSX burn tokens will come from the allocations given to BLSX Capital holdings. For example bun tokens will come from the project’s insurance fund, marketing, and private reserves. according to the announcement.

Following the token burn, BLSX Capital says it will embark on initiatives to improve the utility of its native token. Specifically focusing on lithium logistic, shipping, and production tracking utilities for the BLSX token.

If you want more details about the BLSX lithium burn contact us now.