BLSX is happy to announce our new listing on PancakeSwap. The native token for Blue Sky Lithium Mining $BLSX trading pair with $BUSD is the only official pair listing on PancakeSwap.

The official $BLSX token contract address on Binance Smart Chain is: 0x19b858FCC43AF952A34055E102b01DA1B264DCDB

Please be careful as there is several scam $BLSX Tokens listed on Pancakeswap.

BLSX Live On PancakeSwap

Blue Sky Lithium had no plans to list on the Binance Smart Chain originally. However after many requests from our investors we went ahead with the new tokens. Additionally we felt it launching $BLSX on Pancakeswap was the only way to protect people from the scam coins that are circulating. Now there is no question what the real $BLSX contact is trading.

Also the tokenomics for BLSX on the Binance Smart Chain are as follows. BLSX is issuing only 9,500,000 BLSX coins on the Binance total. Thus the team did not want to water down the total amount of coins combined with the ERC20 token issuing.

Furthermore all of the original $BLSX presale bonus and times stay the same. To find out the details of the presale ICO and ICO offerings click here.

If you want to take advantage of the ICO price and bonus coins follow the link to buy online now.

BLUE SKY LITHIUM is dedicated to advancing the transition to clean energy and zero carbon worldwide. Thus enabling innovative lithium mining for lithium battery storage and EV-systems.

Blue Sky Lithium is an exploration and development mining company focused on the advancement of global lithium deposits to support international demand. Blue Sky Lithium Company holds interests in Chile Bolivia and Argentina both Lithium Brine and Hard-Rock.

We are here to answer questions and you can contact us here.

BLSX Trading Live PancakeSwap BUSD Pair
BLSX launches first trading pair on PancakeSwap the leading DEX on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). BLSX BUSD trading pair is live and the only official BLSX BEP20 token.