BLSX Verified is proud to be listed on the largest Blockchain database.

“Blockspot goal is to be an informative platform for all topics related to blockchain technology and companies.” –

BLSX Verified – Who Is

Blockspot, An Educational Platform.

The Blockspot goal is to be an informative platform for all topics related to Blockchain technology. We aim to achieve that goal by providing investors and enthusiasts with reliable and accurate information about blockchain projects and companies from all over the world. Our database is growing continuously with new data and kept up-to-date using various data validity techniques.

Future-oriented was founded in 2018 when we noticed the fast growth of new altcoins. It was at that point that we decided to build the biggest Blockchain Data Platform.

We strive to make our data available to the retail and institutional investor, by collecting and showcasing it on our user-friendly platform. Currently, we have listed almost 10.000 coins1.000+ exchanges150+ wallets and 30+ Blockchain companies.

BLSX Lithium Utility Token

Blue Sky Lithium is taking advantage of the Brazil governments new relaxing of lithium mining laws. Brazil is now the new global Lithium Safe Haven

BLSX Coin helps us raise capital to buy new mines, equipment, and install infrastructure at the lithium mines. 

We focus on powering the future of green energy. Furthermore we think anyone should be able to  have the financial rewards of the lithium “white gold rush”.