[NEW BLSX PRESALE ICO] $100K Giveaway – Referral Commission Plus 25% Staking Rewards

BLSX COIN ICO Launch Pre-Sale

Welcome to BLSX Presale ICO offering investors to buy lithium coins before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). PLUS 20% Bonus BLSX Coins.

Blue Sky Lithium is taking advantage of the Brazil governments new relaxing of lithium mining laws. Brazil is now the new global Lithium Safe Haven. 

BLSX Coin helps us raise capital to buy new mines, equipment, and install infrastructure at the lithium mines. 

We focus on powering the future of green energy. Furthermore we think anyone should be able to  have the financial rewards of the lithium “white gold rush”.

The company Blue Sky Lithium founded in 2018 as a lithium wholesale company, but grew into artisan lithium mining businesses with lithium hard rock and brine mines in South America. In the last 5 years, the company has developed and grown a B2C business that now accounts for nearly 80% of sales.

Your support helps Blue Sky Lithium Power the future of a zero carbon planet. BLSX capital raised goes directly to our new lithium mining operations in Brazil.

Presale ICO Pricing –

Coin Cost: $.10 Each 
Bonus coins: 20% of amount purchased

Cost at ICO is $.25
Bonus Coins ICO 10%

Market Price $.50 zero bonus coins

ETH USDT USDC BTC accepted along with major alt coins. We have an integrated payment system. You can buy BLSX and self check out today here: BUY BLSX

Also your coins with bonus coins will be sent to your wallet in 24-48 hours after purchase.

Staking Rewards 1.50% per month (25% per annum)

If you don’t want to trade Blue Sky Lithium (BLSX) then just hold it. You will get 1.50% rewards per month from holding BLSX.

If you hold and don’t move from your BLSX for 12 months you earn 25% yield returns.

All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold BLSX coins in your wallet. This means anyone holding BLSX in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain the security of the network.

For Staking Program detail visit https://blsx.blueskylithium.com/

3 Level Referral Commission BLSX Presale

During Presale ICO and ICO period you have the opportunity to promote the BLSX ICO and earn on 3 level compensation plan should you decide to work as a recruiter.

BLSX allows people from all over the world to enter into the Crypto Currency market at a very low price. Similar to people who first took advantage of Bitcoin in 2009.

For referral Program detail visit https://blsx.blueskylithium.com/

Presale ICO and ICO Crowdsale Referral Fee

  • 25% FOR LEVEL 1 (11 and up….)
  • 10% FOR LEVEL 2 (6-10 referrals)
  • 5% FOR LEVEL 3 – (1-5 referrals)

Special Discount
For special discount contact blsx@blueskylithium.com

Win $100k worth of BLSX token! Plus Airdrop!

To celebrate our pre-sale ICO and our rapidly growing community, we’re giving everyone the chance to win $100k worth of the BLSX.

All you have to do is follow the steps below to receive multiple entries, and hold at least $100 of BLSX at the time of the giveaway drawing.

For airdrop you don’t need to hold BLSX.

To gain multiple entries, complete the steps below:

Send your Crypto Wallet Address + 1 Entry

Vote on CoinMooner https://coinmooner.com/coin/blue-sky-lithium-blsx + 2 Entries

Follow https://twitter.com/blueskylithium on Twitter + 1 Entry

Retweet https://twitter.com/blueskylithium on Twitter + 5 Entries

Tweet about Blue Sky Lithium BLSX + 5 Entries

Follow https://www.instagram.com/blsxcoin/ on Instagram + 1 Entry

Join https://t.me/BLSX_Blue_Sky on Telegram + 1 Entry

Share with your friends for extra entries

Visit the BLSX website + 1 Entry

Follow Pinterest https://www.pinterest.cl/blueskylithium/ + 5

Each Photo Pin on Pinterest + 1

Comment on Blue Sky Lithium and or BLSX Blog Posts + 10 Each Comment

To qualify for the $100k BLSX Giveaway pool you need 10 points per entry. There will be multiple winners!

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Best New Presale ICO Coin BLSX Blue Sky Lithium New BLSX Presale ICO Now Win $100K Referral Fee Plus 25% Yield
New BLSX Presale ICO Now Win $100K Referral Fee Plus 25% Yield