BLSX is happy to announce the Presale ICO will end 2 months early. Due to the overwhelming demand by private traditional investors BLSX presale ICO is sold out. The original end date for the presale was March 2023. Additionally, now the last day of the presale ICO is January 05 2023.

Blue Sky Lithium to have this first step of capital raising complete for our Brazil and Peru expansion. In fact we did not think so many traditional investors would be interested in a crypto offering. However BLSX Coin structure is more like a presale IPO. Additionally the focus of BLSX is a utility token for cross border lithium transitions and logistical tracking.

BLSX Presale ICO Ending Q1 2023

With the end of BLSX presale ICO we are moving forward with the Brazil hardrock lithium mine purchases. The areas of focus for Blue Sky Lithium Mining expansion in Brazil. For example our new mine focus is the North East Ceara along with Minas Gerais states.

In addition to new mining land expansion Blue Sky Lithium will improve infrastructure and lithium hydroxide battery grade production. We have already secured 1000 new hectors of mining land and hope to add another 3000 hectors by the end of Q1 2023.

As a result of the new president in Peru we are also looking to expand in this region as well. A great deal of Blue Sky Lithiums business focuses on geopolitical opportunities. Thus the new Peru President Boluarte offers many opportunities for lithium production and export.

BLSX ICO 2023 Offering

The 2nd offering for BLSX is the open ICO sale.


1 BLSX = 0.25 USDT


Incidentally BLSX believes the ICO sale will end early as well based on on demand from incoming investors and lithium buyers.

Once the ICO is complete the road map for Blue Sky Lithium is to launch a new private equity fund. The new private equity fund is the logical next step to reach an IPO offering in 2024.

BLSX always welcomes your questions and comments. You can reach out to us from our contact page.

ICO Presale Ending Soon 2023 BLSX Lithium Coin Presale ICO Ending Now! Last Chance 20% BLSX Free Coins. BLSX listing on Uniswap and CEX soon.